Seoul Hash House Harriers

A Men's Drinking Club with a Running Problem.

Aug/08 - 16:00
2008 Olympics Anniversary
2008 Olympics Anniversary
Meeting Time:
2020/08/08 16:00
Jamsillaru Station Exit 1, Green Line 2
Geo Coordinates:
Squishy 010-2926-6324
Apres Trail:
Hash Cash:
10,000 won

My Dear Fellow Men In Orange,

My IT department is suffering a setback at the moment due to my mobile phone being rained on substantially on Sunday. The good news: it's showing signs of life, sitting on the charger at home. I should be back on social media tonight. However, until then I'm at the mercy of the WiFi around me, using an old phone with broken screen.

Nevertheless, hash details. 8/8/08 was the date of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. This year, the world is being challenged by China in many ways: pandemic, economy, even political. So let's gather at the Korean Olympic Park and ponder how China is and has affected the world around us.

Short walk to the on-site.

On On!

Squishy, Hon.Sec

What: 2008 Beijing Olympics Anniversary

Where: Jamsillaru Station Exit 1, Green Line #2

When: 8/8/20 at 1600

Hare: Squishy 010-2926-6324 (hoping my phone works by then)

Ha$h Ca$h: 10,000 won

On-After: TBD


By Mole Transit:

Navigate yourself to the Green Line 2 and head toward Jamsil. One stop North of Jamsil is Jamsillaru. Come out for air at Exit 1 and follow marks to the on-site.

By Personal Coach:

Have Navigation get you to the station, there's street parking in the neighborhood.


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