Seoul Hash House Harriers

A Men's Drinking Club with a Running Problem.

Sep/26 - 16:00
Circumnavigation Trail
Circumnavigation Trail
Meeting Time:
2020/09/26 16:00
Gaehwa Station Exit 1, end of Light Brown Line 9
Geo Coordinates:
ASBO 010-7504-1741
Apres Trail:
Hash Cash:
10,000 Won

Greetings Fellow Hashers and Half-Minds,

Recently married Hooch ASBO sent his mum off back to merry old England this Monday, and to celebrate her successful circumnavigation of the globe, as well as the anniversary of the initial circumnavigation by Sir Frances Drake in 1580 on September 26th aboard his noble galleon the Golden Hind, he will be making a trail for the Seoul Hash. Cum on out for cold beer, colder glares if you forget to don your mask, and some exercise on the cold concrete around Gimpo.

On On!

Squishy, HonSec

WHAT: Circumnavigation Trail

WHERE: Gaehwa Station Exit 1 on the light brown Line 9

HARES: ASBO 010-7504-1741

HA$H CA$H: 10,000 won

On-After: TBD


Make for Gimpo Airport in the manner you usually do; I used to take the airport limousine. Upon arrival, delve into the depths of the airport's belly and go into the subway. Find the light brown Line 9 bound for Gaehwa, take it to the end of the line, and go up for air at Exit 1. Look for chalk half-arrows to the on-site.


October 3rd: HARE NEEDED (Possible we invade OB for Hashathon)

October 10th: Hymen (Seoul Hash Hashathon Trail followed by Social)

October 17th: Nth *un (Tentatively. Let's see what happens after Chuseok with the Rona situation. That bitch shows up at the worst times.)

October 24th: HARE NEEDED