Seoul Hash House Harriers

A Men's Drinking Club with a Running Problem.

Jun/29 - 16:00
EM LeperCon's Blood, Sweat and Even More Sweat Run
EM LeperCon's Blood, Sweat and Even More Sweat Run
Meeting Time:
2019/06/29 16:00 (Sunset: 06:54)
Wall of Whines - Anguk Station
Geo Coordinates:
EM Lepercon
Apres Trail:
Ara Maybe?
Hash Cash:
10,000 won

Brother Hashers and Like-Half-Minded Assholes,

Our Kinder & Gentlerâ„¢ EM LeperCon promises a trail suitable for every Hasher who has not yet worked up an adequate sweat on trail this summer. This is run is designed for those "We don't need no fuckin' sauna" Hashers. There may be special opportunities for a bit of blood on trail for those who are adventuresome and/or unsteady of foot. For those who persevere on this statistically flat course, the EM promise nature, religion, and traditional urbanscapes - along with the usual blood, sweat -- and beers, this time with Costco pizzas (at the end).

We will meet at the top, at the Wall of Whines, at 4:00 PM, Saturday, June 29. Bring along a buddy, since we all LOVE virgin Hashers. (We promise to be gentle the first time.) This run site is within downtown, but yet provides a good variety of Hashing experiences and will be an ideal first run for the uninitiated.

{Obvious Tip: Print out and take the map with you if you are not sure of the Wall of Whines' location}

WHAT: Seoul Hash House Harriers Run No. 2536 "EM LeperCon's Blood, Sweat and Even More Sweat Run"

WHEN: Saturday June 29th at 1600/ 4 P.M.

WHERE: Wall of Whines (see Directions below and attached map)

HARES: EM Lepercon

HASH CASH: 10000 Won

ON AFTER: Ara maybe?

By Car :

0. Study below map before arriving in downtown Seoul!

1. At Gwanghwamun, and pass the US Embassy, zero your odometer and turn Right, and then move smartly to the left turn lanes.

2. 0.1K turn Left around the Pagoda (actually a wall guard tower) that is placed in the middle of traffic

3. Turn right at the 1st set of lights and pass Jeongdok Library (see map) on your left.

4. Continue up over and down a hill until you come to a 4-way intersection with flashing yellow lights.

5. At the lights, turn left and proceed up the 4-lane street to the top of the hill. (From this point, you will be following the Green bus route on the map.)

6. At the top of the hill continue further up but upon crossing the intersection, you will be on a forested 2-land road snaking up the mountain.

7. Continue past the back gate to Sungkyunkwan University and at about 2.8K park at the top near the "Wall of Whines" public park.

By Pubic Transportation:

1. Take subway to the ORANGE line's Anguk Station and go out exit 3. From there you have three options:

Option 1: Take a taxi (fare should be about W2,000), say "Sung-gyun-gwan Dae-hak Hoo-moon Ahp." That will take you to the entrance of the back gate of Sungkyungwan University. From there, either direct the taxi driver to driver further up the hill for the last 200 meters -- or get out and walk up the hill along the main road.

Option 2: Take a green ma-ul small bus, ("Jongno 02," fare = W500) at Anguk Subway Station, and get off BEFORE (see below map) Sungkyunkwan University's back gate and walk exactly 512 meters further up the hill. Do NOT go into the university grounds if you can help it. If the bus drops you inside of the campus, walk up the hill to the gate from which you arrived and take a right on to the main road that will take you up the hill to the OnOn site.

Option 3: Walk, skip or run a good 25 or so minutes up the hill and follow the directions from #A:

A. Take the road past the Constitution Court Building on your left, keep straight across all intersections and hike a good kilometer up the hill.

B. Pass the Saudi Arabian embassy high-wall compound on your right. 200 meters further up you will find the side gate to Jungang High School on the right; pass it and take an immediate right on to the narrow road leading up into the mountain.

C. (If you come to the National Audit building on your right or the Vietnamese Embassy on your left, you've gone to far and need to circle back and take the road that leads further up the mountain.)

D. Go at least a kilometer eventually passing a back gate to Sungkyungwan University. Keep on the road another 200 or so meters beyond the below Green bus route ends, and you will come to a park at the ridge line with the infamous Wall of Whines - locally referred to as the "Seong-bug" meaning North Fortress.

If the above directions defy your half-a-mind, try your hand at map reading or give the Hare a call on his shoe phone: 010-9099-6195