Seoul Hash House Harriers

A Men's Drinking Club with a Running Problem.

Jun/15 - 16:00
Cheeri Ho's Roasting Trail
Cheeri Ho's Roasting Trail
Meeting Time:
2024/06/15 16:00
Sinyongsan Line 4, exit 3 or Yongsan Line 1, Exit 1
Geo Coordinates:
Cheeri Ho
Apres Trail:
Hash Cash:

With the weather heating up, Cheeri Ho is preparing to roast the pack with a hot weather trail around the Yongsan area. You may see the ghosts of hookers around the on-site, or a lot of homeless people. You almost likely will see a great deal of young lovelies out and about. So come on out and earn your cold beer.

From Seoul station get on Line 4 head south to Sinyongsan and come up for air on exit 3. Or use line 1 and get off at Yongsan and use exit 1. And follow the chalk.

Contact HonSec Hymen if you can't find the on-site. (010-4244-1928 or

Hare Line

6/22 - GM Bloodfish

6/29 - Open Run Hymen (Seoul Station)

7/6 - Hare needed (4th of July run)

7/13 - Hare needed

7/20 - Hare needed

Contact Hymen if you want to Hare.