Seoul Hash House Harriers

A Men's Drinking Club with a Running Problem.

Apr/11 - 15:00
Isolated Protest
Isolated Protest
Meeting Time:
2020/04/11 15:00
Yangjae Station Exit TBD
Geo Coordinates:
Apres Trail:
Hash Cash:
10,000 won

Hello my fellow half-minds and shut-ins,

How's that cabin fever treating you? Have you perfected your thousand-mile stare? Well, the Seoul Hash has a solution for you, as long as you've got a third leg dangling and are allowed to leave your hangbok hanjip. For Squishy's third consecutive weekend off, having taken a vacation day last Saturday for a cancelled Fake Russian wedding, I'll be bending over and marking trail for you lads. Protest your isolation with an isolated protest this Saturday! I promise the grub at the end of trail won't be cereal.

On On!

Squishy, Hon Sec

WHAT: Isolated Protest

WHEN: Saturday, April 11, 1500 / 3pm

WHERE: Yangjae Station Exit 9 (Sinbundang Line / Orange Line 3)

HARE: Squishy 010-2926-6324

HA$H CA$H: 10,000 won



By Mole Transit:

From your hobbit hole you've been stinking up for the past week, open a window before you leave through the door and head to the nearest subway station. Don your mask before entering the confined tunnel, and follow your app guidance to Yangjae Station on the Sinbundang Line and Orange Line 3. Come up for air at Exit 9, and follow chalk half-arrows to the on-on site.


APR 18: Blank Space

APR 25: Longfellow & ASBO, St. George's Run, Family Run, Orange Dress Run

MAY 2: Hare Needed

MAY 9: Hare Needed

Announcement: OB Invasion, originally set for April 11th, has been postponed since OB is doing virtual trail this weekend. We'll probably do it in early May, I'll keep you posted.

HASH TRASH for SH3 Run #2575:

In progress, check back later please.