Seoul Hash House Harriers’ Song

Seoul Hash House Harriers’ Song

Way down south in Yeongdeungpo
That’s the place I want to go!
Shiba-shiba haba yes!
Suck a chaji, maybe so.

Further north than old Pusan
Get your ass for a thousand won.
Catch the clap and you never go
On on to To-ki-yo!

In the war-torn town of Toko-ri
Mama-sans they make whoppee.
They smell of garlic and they’re full of lice
But the pom-pom is very nice.

You pick up a girl on Korean street
You ask how much? She says you speak.
She takes you out, you’re wined and dined,
You end up by going blind.

Korean huts are low and flat.
You squirm and crawl like a Chesire cat.
The mama-sans are much too fat
So you blow your stones on a bamboo mat.

Now that’s the end of my tale of woe.
I’m off again to Yeongdeungpo!
Twenty-eight days I’ll get no less
But shiba-shiba haba YES!!

Swing low, sweet chariot…..

The Seoul Hash House Harriers, never claiming to be the Bob Dylans of the Far East, ripped this song with former GM Kimchi Marine’s assistance from the US Marine Corps. Over time we have made a couple necessary changes, ending with the traditional Hash spiritual, Sweet Chariot, complete with gestures – some of which should never be detailed in public.

Yeongdeungpo is a community just south of Seoul. Shiba-shiba haba is bar pigeon English meaning “have shiba-shiba” ultimately translating into “getting laid.” Chaji is the standard Korean slang for “dick.” The thousand-won buy really dates the song; current prices are roughly 50,000 won on up. It takes no linguist to decipher pom-pom to mean “boom-boom” or “OnIn-OnOut-OnIn-OnOut.” Finally, the twenty-eight days statement refers to the standard sentence in the brig for going AWOL (serving as a lift of the mug to our Hashers in uniform).