The Wreck They Call Songtan Sally

The Wreck They Call Songtan Sally

(Sung to the tune of “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot)


The Legend lives on from the adashis on down

Of the street girl they call Songtan Sally.

She’s five-foot-eight and she’s slightly overweight

And she hangs out in Songtan’s dark alleys


She once was the pride of Korea’s southside

With men coming far just to fuck her.

But if you see her now, she’s as big as cow

And that sight makes your asshole go pucker


I remember one night when I caught her sight,

Walking drunk down Aragon Alley.

She said “hey you wanna go” as it started to snow

How could I say no to the infamous Sally?


Her house was a shack, the walls covered with cracks

And her bed looked a hurricane hit it

I whipped out my cock, it was hard as a rock

And the damn bitch grabbed it and bit it


She took off her blouse and out jumped a mouse

And her titties were saggy and hairy

But when she took off her thong, I knew something was wrong

Her pussy was scabby and scaly


She jumped into bed and covered up her head

And swore that I couldn’t find her.

Her smell gave her away, it was humid that day

So I jumped in ri-ight behind her.


I shoved old Pete right through the sheets

And up her organ grinder

Till the white of an egg ran down her leg

And the rest remained inside her.


On the very next stroke, the damn bed broke

Just as she was screaming “I’m cumming!”

I fell to the floor with my prick all sore

And I got to my fe-eet a’ running.


I sobered up fast as I hauled some ass

I never looked back on her waiting

I’ll forget about this night and that horrible sight

And I’ll go back to porn masterbating


Two weeks went by as I asked with a sigh,

Why is my dick red and burning?

It was speckled with blue, yellow, green and brown too

As my stomach, it started a turnin’


Does anyone know where the love of God goes

When you pee and if feels just like acid

Was 2 weeks ago that I slept with that ho

And my penis it now just stays flaccid


The legend lives on from the Adashis on down

Of the street girl they call Songtan Sally

If she says “hey you wanna go”,

You had better say no

And head down the opposite alley