Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2449.18 “The GM Changeover” [21 Jul 2018, 1600/4PM]




Esteemed gentlemen of Seoul Hash,

GM Choopa Cabroan, having completed a successful year at the helm of this orangee ship of fools, declares “mission complete”, and passes off the bedpan to some other jackass willing to deal with constant phone calls from the EM’s.  You are cordially invited to Onsu Station this Saturday for trail, burritos, and beer as the Hash celebrates the GM changeover.  Who will be the next GM?  We’ll have to wait for the vaunted envelope from Price-Waterhouse, carrying the declaration of the EM’s from on high.  Personally, my money is on Retard Woody, wherever he may be (although it’s also possible that Craven Morehead will run in out of nowhere!).

When: Saturday July 21st at 4PM or 1600
Where: Onsu Station (Line 1/Dark Blue Line OR Line 7/Pea Green Line), exit 2
Hare: Choopa Cabroan
Hash Cash: 10000 Won
On-After: ARA HOF or pack’s choice


 By Subway:

Get on a southbound subway car at Yongsan Station toward Incheon (NOT toward Sinchang, or you’ll miss the split in Line 1), and travel 10 stops to Onsu Station.  Come up for air at Exit 2, and look for chalk arrows to the nearby on-site.

IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY FIND YOURSELF at Gasan Digital Complex Station, that means that you have FUCKED UP, and you must transfer to line 7 and go west for 4 stops to Onsu Station.

-J.Dog, Hon.Sec