Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2449.16 “Dicklomatic Immunity!” [07 Jul 2018, 1600/4PM]


Men of Seoul Hash

International Dicklomat, the only man to bag an amateur in Hong Kong, will be forced to leave the ROK soon.  He’s hoping to acquire a little “dicklomatic immunity” in these last days before port call, so that Miss Lee can’t give him a case of that good ol’ VD.  His current plan is to rub garlic and kimchi all over his gochu…. but it’s hard to tell if that will repel or reel in these doenjang girls.  We’ll gather at Dongnimmun Station this Saturday to hurl advice and insults as we wish him luck in those shittier pastures outside the Land of the Morning Cum.

When: Saturday July 7th at 4PM or 1600
Where: Dongnimmun Station (Line 3/Orangee Line), exit 4
Hare: International Dicklomat
Hash Cash: 10000 Won
On-After: ARA HOF or pack’s choice


 By Subway:

Tell your bartender at that Itaewon transgender lounge to make you a pojang cup, and stumble to the subway.  Get on an eastbound carriage, and transfer to Line 3 at Yaksu Station.  Take Line 3 northward for seven stops (snap a few creepshots with your Chinese spy-phone along the way!), and jump out at Dongnimmun Station.  Make sure you shout “ON FUCKING ON” before the doors close behind you.  Cum up for air at exit 4, and look for chalk to the on-site.

-J.Dog, Hon.Sec