Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2449.15 “Blank SpaceBalls” [30 Jun 2018, 1600/4PM]

Blank Run

My Brothers,

EM BlankSpace is back from a harrowing trip to the land of tea and shoddy dental work…. and I’m sure he neglected to bring us any expired pork pies.  He will, however, bring the plans for what promises to be the best trail of the week, possibly even the fortnight.  There’s plenty of IPA left in the cooler, and the police can’t possibly get mad at us for cooking hot dogs on concrete under a bridge–so come on out and join the Seoul Hash for great view, good skirt-meat, and that lovely feeling of pissing into the sewer grates at Oksu!

When: Saturday June 30 at 4PM or 1600
Where: Oksu Station
Hare: EM BlankSpace
Hash Cash: 10000 Won
On-After: ARA HOF


 By Subway:Either on or off the rails
Get on at Itaewon Station (630) and head towards Yaksu (633/333).
Transfer to the Number 3 (ORANGE) Line and head South in the direction of Suseo.
In just TWO stops, get off at OKSU Station (335) and come on out Exit number 7, look for chalk on the ground…. or just walk forward past the monstrous wooden pyramid thing and find some Seoul Hashers under the bridgee, like proper trolls.