Seoul Hash House Harriers 46th Analversary Special Pre-lube Dinner [22 Jun 2018, 1900/7PM]

** Pre-pre-lube starts at Fundoori at 1700, where Joo Dog and probably Hymen will be drinking cheap beer and trying to one-up each other’s stories.  Did you guys know that Hymen was in the Army?! **


Pre-pre-lube will be at Fundoori at 1700 aka 5pm.  If you don’t know where to find Fundoori, it’s right outside of Samgakji Station exit 7. At precisely 1900 aka 7pm, we will stumble onward to the location that has come to love us but where Rovers kid has come to hate us, Doraganun Samgakji Restaurant. We will dine on swine’s flesh, while hoping that the restaurant’s waitstaff has for once washed their goddam hands. This is not an open event. Do not bring your girlfriends, wives, or whores (unless they’re prepared to blow each and every one of us),and DEFINITELY not your kids. Once dinner is done we will venture off into the night…. maybe Itaewon, maybe that gray light district down the road… who knows?

WHO: Seoul Hashers–not women, kids, or dogs
WHEN: 22 JUNE 2018, 7:00pm (1900 for you Civilian types
WHERE: Doraganun Samgakji Restaurant (same place Rovers kid got her face all cut up and Putin got in a fight with Ultraman) Samgakji Station exit 14 (follow chalk)
WHY: To celebrate the 46th Analversary of the Seoul Hash House Harriers and kickoff the weekend in style.

Doraganun Samgakji

-J.Dog, Hon.Sec