Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2449.13 “Yankee Run Home” [16 Jun 2018, 1600/4PM]



In light of the fact that they’re getting ready to shut the lights off at USFK HQ after the Singapore Summit, all of our military-affiliated brethren will probably be too busy to lay a trail this weekend.  So loyal hare and Hash Hooch, Hymen, has volunteered to lead the pack on a delightful jaunt through a neighborhood he’s never hared at before–Hyochang Park.  I hear there’s a famous statue of a terrorist throwing an IED there!  Come out this Saturday for trail, food, beer, and a few stories of just what the hell last week’s hare was thinking!

What: Yankee Run Home
When: Saturday June 16 at 4PM or 1600
Where: Hyochang Park Station, Line 6 (Brown Line) Exit 3
Hare: Hymen
Hash Cash: 10000 Won
On-After: ARA HOF, which is tantalizingly nearby

Get on the subway (preferably the brown line, line 6) and go to Hyochang Park station. Come up for air at Exit #1. Once you exit, follow chalk arrows toward the north. We will meet near the statue of Lee Bong-chang as he attempted to kill an oppressor or commit a terrorist act, depending on your point of view…  If you get lost, just start shouting “ON-ON”, and I’m sure a random drunk hay-doshi will come to your rescue!


37.544575, 126.960774


-J.Dog, Hon.Sec.