SEOUL HASH HOUSE HARRIERS RUN 2449.12 [Squishy’s “Twat A Lovely Date”, 9 June 2018, 1600 / 4PM]



Gentleman Wanks,


This week on the momentous date of 6/9, SH3’s own Squishy promises a trail to suck dry our stamina and blow our minds. With expectations flipped and beliefs inverted, the hare will leave us begging for more. Spit out your apprehensions and swallow your pride, this Saturday shall provide pleasure for all parties involved.


WHAT: SEOUL HASH HOUSE HARRIERS RUN 2449.12, Squishy’s “Twat A Lovely Date”

WHEN: 9 June 2018, 1600 / 4PM

WHERE: Bangbae Station, Exit 4, Line 2

HARE: Squishy

HASH CASH: 10USD / 10,000KRW




It’s so easy, even a drunk ajeoshi could do it!

  1. Subway and Foot Option –
    From Itaewon Station, get on Line 6 (Brown Line) and go 2 stops to Samgakji; transfer to Line 4 (Light Blue Line) and go 5 stops to Sadang Station; transfer once more to Line 2 (Green Line) and go 1 stop to Bangbae Station.  Come up for air at Exit 2, and follow the chalk marks!  If you can’t do that, here’s a good approximation of how you should find the on-site: as you come out of the exit, turn right and walk about 400 meters.  Turn left at the bridge that crosses over the road, and walk up the hill; turn left at the 2nd street, and walk directly into a clearing, where you should see the hares–fat, happy, drunk, and full of lewd tales.


Approximately 37.4822351, 126.9999509

Lost? The GM’s on Admin duties this week. Give him a call and he’ll make rude hand gestures to an appreciative crowd as he guides your pathetic being to the onsite: 01029462281