Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2449.9 “The Squishy & Longfellow Show” [19 May 2018, 1500/3PM]


Men in Orangee,

Some of Seoul’s finest hares decided they were too busy to prepare a trail for Saturday. So that left well-spoken Seoul Hasher, Longfellow, to hare the best trail of the week and in the, at present, top three of best trails in the month of May. But wait! Venerable Hooch, Hymen, has decided to move house this Saturday?! Who’s stepping up to fill in for the Aussie bastard? Why, none other than Squishy!

Please come out to Longfellow’s home turf for a shockingly marked run, some HP Sauce sandwiches and, hopefully, some ice-cold beer provided and poured by Honorary Hooch, Squishy. The hare does not have a bedpan, but we’re hoping that Ultraman will loan one out to the Seoul Hash.

What: The Squishy & Longfellow Show
When: Saturday May 19 th at 3PM or 1500
Where: Follow chalk from Gunja Station Exit 5 on Purple Line 5 or Olive Green Line 7
Hare: Longfellow
Hash Cash: 10000 Won
On-After: Probably ARA HOF but there’s always the bright lights of nearby Gunja Sageori.

From Itaewon Station, park yourself on a Bonghwasan-bound subway train on the one and only Line 6, and change lines four stops later at Cheonggu Station for Line 5. Hop on a Sangil-Dong or Macheon-bound train and get off seven stops later at Gunja Station. Come up for air at Exit 5, follow “SH3” and arrows in chalk and make yourself comfortable within a charming little park.