Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2449.5 “St. George’s Day Run” [21 April 2018, 1500/3PM]



Maybe you’re a conscientiously objecting Brit or unrestrained from abstemious US military exercises. If you’re both, one or the other, or even neither, then adjourn at Ogeum Park for the most glorious of displays of Anglo-Saxon values since Geoff Hurst’s hat trick and the crowd flooding the pitch at Wembley in ’66. For as Cecil Rhodes may or may not have said: “To be born English is to win first prize in the lottery of life.”

It’s nearing the day of the patron saint of England (April 23rd). To celebrate this momentous holiday recognised the world over, SH3’s token, regular Englishman, Longfellow shall hare a trail in England’s national colo(u)rs (or any for that matter). It shall be followed by some beer that may or may not be English (depends on Hymen), the choice of cucumber and brown sauce on your sandwich (along with other more popular choices–don’t worry, EM Blank Space), topped off with the rare chance to experience an onsite bang next door to a college library. Naturally singing, swearing and carousing of the highest volume shall be encouraged. It’ll be as if we’re a bunch of typical English louts in a back alley at midnight after chucking out time before the fuzz get involved.

On! On!


What: Run No. 2449.5 “The St George’s Day Run”
When: Saturday, April 21st at 3pm or 1500
Where: Gaerong Station Exit 1 on Line 5 (Purple Line)
Hare: Longfellow
Hash Cash: 10000 Won or 10 British Pounds Sterling
On After: Probably ARA HOF or maybe Snake knows a place…

Lift your arse out of that Itaewon dive bar (or 24 hour coffee shop) and stagger into a Bonghwasan-bound train at Itaewon Station on Line 6. Switch over to Line 3 at Yaksu Station and go all the way to the eastern terminus of Ogeum Station. You can either get out there at Exit 3 and take a leisurely warm-up stroll down the road to Gaerong Station or get on a Macheon-bound train on Line 5, get off at the next stop, Gaerong Station, come up for air at Exit 1 and follow chalk to the onsite. You’ll see it’s parallel to the library parking lot…