Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2449.4 “Hong Kong Long Dong’s Thong Song” [14 April 2018, 1500/3PM]


Pssst~~~ Hey, GI!

“Me no likee British sailor, Yankee pay five dollar more.”  And at the Hong Kong Cafe, where dreams come true and real life takes a backseat to buxom young love monkeys who stare you down and grab at your hands, all the choices are easy.  This Saturday, as we gather round the circle at Oksu, Dicklomat and the rest of the Hong Kong away team will surely tell a story or two about the depravity of Wan Chai.  Come on out, I’m told the Hooch may have his mind sodomized by violent insults if he brings Carlsberg–and you wouldn’t want to miss that!

What: SH3 Run 2449.4 “Hong Kong Long Dong’s Thong Song”
When: 14 April 2018, 1500 / 3PM
Where: Oksu Station (Line 3 / Orangee Line), exit 2  ** NOT the usual on-site, follow chalk up the hill–save your whining for the hare **
Hares: International Dicklomat
Hash Cash: $10 / ₩10,000
On-After: Probably a drink or two at the craft beer pub nearby, then on-on-on to ARA HOF

By Subway: Either on or off the rails
Get on at Itaewon Station (630) and head towards Yaksu (633/333).
Transfer to the Number 3 (ORANGEE) Line and head South in the direction of Suseo.
In just TWO stops, get off at OKSU Station (335) and come on out Exit number 7.  Follow chalk to the on-site.

-J. Dog, Hon.Sec.