Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2449.2 “Lair of the LeperCon Leap” [31 March 2018, 1500/3PM]


My fellow bastards,

We return to Compassionate King Mountain (normally referred to as Inwangsan) on which (our Kinder & Gentler) EM LeperCon is resurfacing from his hideout, The Lair of the LeperCon.  The intended ON-ON Site offers a panoramic view of NW Seoul while the trail offers view that should make the most stout-hearted Hasher swoon.

What: SH3 Run 2449.2 “Lair of the LeperCon Leap”

When: 31 March 2018, 1500 / 3PM

Where: See below map, but west of the Blue House and up on thar mountain!

Hares: LeperCon (shoe phone: 010-9099-6195)

Hash Cash: $10 / ₩10,000 (Includes pizza, beer, and what the hell more do you need?)

ERECTIONS: You are in ruck! There are many ways to get to the On-On Site; read below!

  1. Subway, Bus and Foot Option –
    From Itaewon Station, get on the Line 6 (Brown Line) and go 3 stops to Yaksu; transfer to Line 3 (Orange Line) and go 6 stops to Gyeongbokgung Station; Come up for air at Exit 3, as you come out of the exit, walk about 200 meters to bus stop and take any 4-digit bus.  Get off at Gyeonggi Commercial High School (Gyeonggi Sang-go), cross the street and switch back on the street opposite of where you got off.  Go about 150 meters to the first street that has a small brick Chinese restaurant on the corner.  Turn right and head on-on-up as far as you can go.  You will come to massive gated entrance to the founder of Hyundai.  At the gate, take a left and go as far you can go and after 250 meters to where you will find chalk marks taking you into the forest to the Lair of the LeperCon.
  2. Rich Man’s Taxi Option-
    Same as Subway, Bus and Foot Option, but hail a cab, say “Jahamun Tunnel,” but tell him “U-Turn!” when you see the large Brunei Embassy on your left at the traffic light. Then commandeer your hired chariot as per the map and the above directions.
  1. Car Option – Follow the map!

GPS: 37.585530, 126.966066