Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2447 “Tame the Beast Within” [03 March 2018, 1500/3PM]



Another weekend cums, and the Seoul men find themselves giddy with excitement.  A wolf howls from deep down in the ballsack; the call of Spring brings a thirst to your soul; and a need grows to get out on those trails before the gnats start buzzing all over the goddam place in the summer.  Somewhere off in the distance, sirens–as you realize that there are still hookers out on The Hill that may need ravaging in the after-hours….

When: 03 Mar 2018, 1500 / 3pm
Where: Oksu Station, Line 3 (Orangee Line) Exit 7
Hare: Joo Dog
Hash Cash: 10USD / 10,000won
Apres Trail: ARA HOF

By Subway:Either on or off the rails
Get on at Itaewon Station (630) and head towards Yaksu (633/333).
Transfer to the Number 3 (ORANGEE) Line and head South in the direction of Suseo.
In just TWO stops, get off at OKSU Station (335) and come on out Exit number 7.  Follow chalk to a run site under the bridgee.

-J. Dog, Hon.Sec.