Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2443 “A Good Time Was Had By All” [03 February 2018, 1500/3PM]


My brothers,

Perhaps you weren’t aware that this past week, we celebrated EM Farty Breath’s birthday.  He was wont to take the pack to the fantastic Paris Grille at the Hyatt Hotel to celebrate this yearly occurrence–a delicious cacophony of lamb chops and delicate omelettes, with a backdrop of drunkenness and the occasional plea from management to shut the hell up.  In his memory, we’ll meet at the pagoda in front of the Hyatt, and run around in the cold for a bit…. to be followed by a quick jaunt down to Itaewon, because none of us poor sons of bitches can afford to front Al Capone-level money to feed all of you heathens.

When: 03 Feb 2018, 1500 / 3pm
Where: Hyatt Pagoda: Grand Hyatt Hotel on Namsan, pagoda just to the left of the entrance where the local bus park is located.
Hare: EM BlankSpace and Ultraman
Hash Cash: 10USD / 10,000won
Apres Trail: Dolce Vida

Erections:  Easy, go to the Hyatt Hotel, as you approach the Hyatt, go to the pagoda near the street and look for fellow hashers dressed in orange! If you are unclear of where the Hyatt Hotel is located, do a google map search and figure it out! Your choice on whether to drive, walk, take the bus, catch a cab, a yellow scooter, horse drawn buggy, skateboard, bike or any other form or method of transportation.

Dunno where to go?: Get in a cab–Hyatt Hotel! Easy.
Still lost?: Go to itaewon. and ask any stranger you see. After being punched in the pussy you will then realise it’s easier to get a cab.
STILL TOO RETARDED TO FIND THE ON-SITE?:  Longfellow has graciously offered to mark chalk from Hangangjin Station Exit 1.  Follow that chalk.  If you’re too retarded to make this work…. maybe Korea isn’t for you.
HARE: Blank Space 010-3278-6362 (he LOVES to be bothered on his shoe-phone)

– J. Dog, Hon.Sec