Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2440 “The Hare Challenges The Police” [13 January 2018, 1500/3PM]


My brothers,

I’m not sure if you’ve heard this, but Hymen’s wife is a bigwig in Seoul City government.  Maybe you’ve never heard him mention it….?  Anyway, his wife claims that as of 01 January, it is now really & truly illegal to drink beer in public parks (not like those other three times in the past few years that they tried to pull this same shit–this time it’s for real!).  That said, we’ll be at World Cup Stadium Park this fine Saturday….. drinking beer.  I’m proud to say that the last time we were there, was the first time I had ever seen an oddity: the police showed up not to fuck with the Seoul Hash, but to hassle a group of adashis nearby…. one of whom was in a wheelchair.  They were all summarily kicked out of the park for disorderly conduct, but that day Seoul Hash was a model of civic virtue, and was allowed to stay.  Come out to join us as we DARE the Tourist Police to show up and scorn at our frivolity…. we may have to fight them off.

When: 13 Jan 2018, 1500 / 3pm
Where: World Cup Stadium Station, Line 6 (Light Brown Line) Exit 3
Hare: Hymen
Hash Cash: 10USD / 10,000won
Apres Trail: Pack’s choice, but there is a cool-looking Irish pub nearby…

Erections: Follow chalk from exit 3, the on-site is at some pavilions nearby.

37.572115, 126.899470

– J. Dog, Hon.Sec