Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2439 “Year of the Dog Run” [06 January 2018, 1500/3PM]


Gentlemen of the Seoul Hash,


Another year has cum and gone, as your ladyboy toys in Thailand are wont to do so often, and the Seoul Hash Cummittee members feel that you’ve all gotten a little soft and pudgy in your ways.  Tsk, tsk.  In order to tighten it up, we plan to run you like a pack of rabid dogs.  In honor of 2018, the Year of the Dog in the Korean Zodiac on the Korean Calendar, which resides on the Korean Peninsula between the East and West Seas, Ultraman will take you on a little tour of one of the more obscure run sites: Racecourse Park.  That’s right, you can bask in the glory of yet another pastime invented by Koreans, namely horse racing.  You’ll also be able to participate in another Korean sport that many of us enjoy, which is getting yelled at by ajeoshi for standing around drinking in front of his flower shop (or whatever the fuck those guys are selling).
Find the Hon.Sec. there a bit early, drinking beer at a friendly little pojang-macha across the street.

When: 06 Jan 2018, 1500 / 3pm
Where: Seoul Racecourse Park Station, Exit 6 (Line 4/Light Blue Line)
Hare: Ultraman
Hash Cash: 10USD / 10,000won
Apres Trail: Pack’s choice


By underground banana rail:

Get on line 4 (light blue line) and go to Seoul Racecourse Park and cum up for air at Exit 6.

By monkey-mobile:

[DO NOT DRIVE, YOU FOOLS!]  From the front gates of the world famous Iteawon International Shopping district……head south across the mighty Hangang, ultilizing either the upper or lower deck of the Banpo Bridgee…..continue south toward the Seoul Arts Center and enter the tunnel heading South; after the toll booth, exit on the 47 heading west and take a left at the first intersection (Seonbawi); head South, parking is available under the overpass or just park your car on the sidewalk near Exit 6…..

– J. Dog, Hon.Sec