Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2435 “Return of the Grand Saboteur” [09 December 2017, 1500/3PM]


Dear Fellow Half-Minds,
It has been a while since we had a plan really go to pot.  Most of our shenanigans have gone quite well, lately.  Your JM/Grand Saboteur, HHIT, intends to change all that this Saturday.  He’s looking to challenge Korea to a contest to see who can be more “not quite right”.  Privately, I think he will show you just why this is the “Land of the Morning Cum”….  but I can also sniff out a jerk joint from 800 meters away.  On a side note, your Hon.Sec. personally loved the occasional splash with champagne from last week, so we may continue that new tradition, depends on how hungover I am by the time I get to the on-site.

What: Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2435 “Return of the Grand Saboteur”

When: 09 Dec 2017, 1500 / 3pm

Where: Dangsan Station, Exit 4 (Line 2/Green Line)

Hare: JM HHIT (He’s Huge, I’m Tiny)

Hash Cash: 10USD / 10,000won

Apres Trail: ARA HOF, most likely

Erections: From Itaewon Station, GO DOWN into subway Line 6 and grab a west-bound carriage (toward Noksapyeong, idiot).  Drink a beer and contemplate why all of the Koreans are staring at you, but make sure to hop off the train at Hapjeong Station.  Transfer to Line 2 going south–just long enough to go one stop across the bridgee, and that’s Dangsan Station.  Come up for air at Exit 4, and immediately call the hare to bitch about why the on-site is so far from the station.  I’m kidding, don’t call the hare.  Just follow the chalk,  you drunken fool.

37.535134, 126.903116

– J. Dog, Hon.Sec