Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2432 “Winter Winds Run” [18 November 2017, 1500/3PM]



Much as DODIC once swooned from hypothermia on a certain mountain freezer found by EM Farty Breath, I too found myself lost, in the cold with one KeeWee WeeWee, following Sir Lost-a-Lot through the desolate windswept streets of southern Seoul.  Let’s set the stage: it’s a cold, windy, Ultraman’s birthday run in November a few years ago.  I’m running along with KeeWee, it starts to rain, we’re lost, and suddenly we see SLA come jogging down the street, going the opposite way.  He tells us very confidently that he knows the way to back to the Island Of Death, but we need not follow him.  We do anyway.  It takes us another 90 minutes to get back, and by that time all the food was gone, and much of the beer.  You bastards are all alcoholics.  I had to go straight to the jimjilbang to warm myself up after the run.  Good times.  This could also happen to you, if you play your cards right.  Also, despite the strenuous objections of OB Won, the hares will attempt to start a fire.


What: Seoul Hash House Harriers Trail #2432

When: Saturday, 18 November 2017 3:00pm or 1500 hrs

Where: Island of Death–closest to Sinyongsan Station, exit 3 (Line 4/Light Blue Line)

Hares: Choopa Cabroan and Joo Dog

Hash Cash: Won 10,000 or 10 Yankee dollars

Apres Trail: ARA fuckin HOF


Get on the Number 4 Line subway at Samgakji intersection heading in the direction of SinYongSan station.
Get OFF at SinYongSan station and come up for air through Exit #3 and head ON STRAIGHT towards the han river.
Walk ONON to the island in the middle (~1.43 Kilometers) Look for Orangee…or yell “RU!?!”