Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2430 “A Very Ultraman Birthday” [04 November 2017, 1500/3PM]



Ultraman seems to have turned over a new leaf.  No broken bottles, no fighting… he’s even trying to soften his image by growing a truly awful goatee.  This weekend, he’ll lead the pack through the semen-sloshed streets of what remains of the red light district in Yeongdengpo, showing you all 54 of the remaining elderly hookers plying their ancient trade.  Cum for the trail and booze, stay for the case of you-know-what that refuses to get better!  Crying Rock is the site of such golden oldies as “where the fuck is Vagabond?” and “Keewee, calm down”.  You won’t want to miss this opportunity for debauchery.  Also, there will probably be some shitty cheese sandwiches.

What: Seoul Hash House Harriers Trail #2430

When: Saturday, 04 November 2017 3:00pm or 1500 hrs

Where: Crying Rock!  Yeongdeungpo Station exit 1 (Line 1/Dark Blue Line)

Hares: Ultraman

Hash Cash: Won 10,000 or 10 Yankee dollars

Apres Trail: Most likely ARA HOF


Look for drunk ajeoshis slapping each other, and you’re probably somewhere on Line 1.  Make your way gingerly to Yungdungpo (don’t disturb the hookers–they’re very skittish), and follow chalk from exit 1.  Don’t call the hare, unless you want to be given a new and unflattering nickname.



37.515799, 126.911442

– J. Dog, Hon.Sec