Nth Run Pre-gathering Feast [20 OCT 2017, 1900 / 7PM]

Nth run prelube site

Gather round, my brothers.

As the 2400th Run draws nearer, we must take some time to do our pre-lube gathering and feast at Samgakji.  In past years, tradition has stated that the GM should be as far as fucking possible from Korea during this dinner, and this year is no exception.  We’ve dredged up former GM Nut & Bone from some flophouse in scary central China to come back to the Land of the Morning Cum and officiate our ceremonies.  There will be fellowship, there will be drunkenness and revelry.  If you bring your kid (ROVER), we might smash a fucking soju glass on his or her little head.

We of the Seoul Hash House Harriers Committee anticipate your attendance.


The site of this feast is Doraganun Samgakji, the Seoul Hash’s favourite Korean galbi joint located near Samgakji Station.
What: 2400 Nth Run Pre-trail social
When: Friday 20 OCT 2017, 1900
Where: Doraganun Restaurant, Samgakji Station, Lines 4 & 6.  Make your way out of Samgakji Station exit 1, and follow chalk to the restaurant.

37.534473, 126.973739