Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2399.21 “The Last of the Summer Beer Trail” [26 August 2017, 1600 / 4PM]


Fall is coming, and everyone can probably tell from our superior run numbering system that it will soon be time for the Nth Run!  But calm your tits, it’s not this weekend.  No, Longfellow will be taking the pack on a romp through the eastern district of Taereung, famous for things like cats and old ladies, and old men who drink makkoli, and fried chicken hofs–the usual Korean stuff.  Look, just come out, run some trail, drink some beer, and enjoy a few jokes at the expense of the Hon.Sec.  Longfellow will be your guide, and he promises to find you a Gray Light District to soothe that longing in your loins for ajumma-flesh.

What: Seoul Hash House Harriers Trail #2399.21

When: Saturday, 26 August 2017 4:00pm and/or 1600 hrs

Where: Taereung Station, Exit 7 (Line 6/Light Brown Line; also accessible from Line 7/Olive Green Line)

Hare: Longfellow

Hash Cash: Won 10,000 or 10 Yankee dollars

Apres Trail: TBD by the pack

Erections: Follow chalk from exit 7 to the on-site.

– J. Dog, Hon.Sec