Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2399.20 “LegMan’s On-On-Out” [19 August 2017, 1600 / 4PM]


You Drunken Wanks:

LegMan desperately wants to leave this godforsaken ROK.  He’s tried everything he could think of, short of straight-up murdering a man… but he might consider it, if you don’t keep yourself together at circle.  The Yankee Army won’t release him, and his nanny keeps demanding cash for his Saturday sojourns into the moonlit wastes of Seoul, so he’s back for a 2nd on-out from the hash.  Rarely does a Seoul Hasher get a 2nd chance at his on-out (except for Forrest Dump, who got about 8 chances), so LegMan promises that this run will be of Olympic proportions, well-set, all-shiggy, filled with skirt meat, and BJ’s on trail for the low price of 500 won!

What: Seoul Hash House Harriers Trail #2399.20

When: Saturday, 19 August 2017 4:00pm and/or 1600 hrs

Where: Jamsillaru Station (Line 2/Green Line), Exit 2.

Hare: LegMan

Hash Cash: Won 10,000 or 10 Yankee dollars

Apres Trail: TBD by the pack

Erections: Follow chalk from exit 2 to the on-site.

37.519241, 127.106680

– J. Dog, Hon.Sec