Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2399.14 “The Kingston Ridge Run” [08 July 2017, 1600 / 4PM]

Kingston Run


Ooh yeah! We’re hashing! And where better than the majestic blue mountains of beautiful Ansan? Venture out to this southern Gyeonggi backwater for an epic run, maybe some rum and the finest West Indies burgers this side of Jamaica. The on-after takes place in glittering Ansan City where we’ll start at Kingston Bridge for some Caribbean cuisine. Drop Out swears by it!

What: The Kingston Ridge Run

Hares: Longfellow and Drop Out

Where: Line 4 Jungang Station Exit 1

When: Saturday 4pm July 8 th

Hash Cash: 10,000 won

On-After: Kingston Bridge Bar for burgers and the most debauched dives Ansan has to offer.


By rail: From Itaewon Station change at Samgakji Station to Line 4 and head way down south on an Oido-bound carriage all the way to Jungang Station. The journey should take roughly an hour if not a little longer. Stretch your legs and get out at Exit 1. The chalk marks will lead you to Seongeo Park.

By jeep: Latitude: 37° 18′ 34.47″ N, Longitude: 126° 50′ 11.45″ E  [37.315972, 126.838462]

Bear in mind these are the coordinates for Jungang Station. As you approach Jungang Station you’ll comeacross Seongeo Park to your right. Turn right onto the road just before the bridge and you’ll find yourself between Seongeo Park and a river on your left. There are a multitude of parking spaces on the right side of the road. Get out and you’ll see arrows pointing you in the direction of the onsite on the sidewalk. The hares may even help you with the heavy lifting.

— Longfellow, Hare


Hon.Sec’s Note: Overnight accommodations can be arranged at the finest love motels, for those who wish to party into the wee hours of the night.




The Seoul Hash Tribune No. 6

The “Don’t Tread On Me” Trail hared by Choopa Cabroan and Joo Dog


Blank Space (EM)
Choopa Cabroan (GM and senior hare)
Joo Dog (Hon Sec and eternal junior hare)
Hymen (Hooch)
Just Call Me Snake (Horn)
Longfellow (Scribe)
Matt No Name

Humidity was high, the clouds were grey and my cold beer was rising in temperature as I sweated it out under an umbrella at the outdoor seating area of a CU near Bangbae Station when Blank Space and Legman rocked up. They joined me with water and a low alcohol content can of Tiger Beer before Just Call Me Snake materialized out of the haze sporting a bandage on his arm and a story befitting any proud Hasher: He’d drunkenly smashed the window of his front door in so he could get inside after forgetting the passcode to his door-opener device. Korean technology: best in the world. Moments later a happy surprise occurred and Matt No Name from Nepal or America (take your pick) turned up and together we braved the concrete hill.

Following yellow arrows all the way to a highly elevated parking lot free of any form of shelter except for the cozy confines of Joo Dog’s car, Hymen had joined us at this point and a smallish pack of Hashers was about to gallop off into the great unknown of surrounding Bangbae and Sadang.

The hares, Choopa and Joo Dog (Choop Dog) called a circle and the harriers, as always, were promised a short, flat, shiggy-free trail. As we know the hare never lies and it’s nice to celebrate this 4 th of July knowing there’s an intelligent, competent leader sitting in the Oval Office.
The Trail

Away we went downhill and fast, Snake pumping his legs and puffing his cigarette, before our first, early checkpoint. Up and around a grassy, earthy, leaf-strewn, potentially landslide-inflicting hillside we clambered and scrambled keeping an eye out for an indispensable hallmark of a Joo Dog-hared trail: piles of shredded paper. And he did not disappoint. We found the top of the hill and our footing and swerved our way through some downhill shiggy and back into the civilized world of concrete, cars and skirt meat. Lots and lots of skirt meat. Particularly when we went past the wedding hall. And here’s a fun fact: Hymen got married in that very wedding hall. It’s not like he mentioned it on trail or anything either.

On crossing a busy road Legman legged ahead of us and three Hash-keteers, Longfellow, Hymen and Matt No Name ran, sweat and complained up what seemed like an eternity of stone steps. With Legman gone we saw hard evidence of his presence at a botched checkpoint proving he wasn’t dead or had broken his arm. By botched I mean that two lines indicating a falsie had been dug into the ground aaaaaaand after ten minutes of aimless searching it turned out that beyond that falsie there ended up being the true trail anyway. Thanks for that, Legs.

Having passed and yearned for homes better than our own in a wealthy estate area we were on the highway and far away from any shiggy. The only danger ahead was bad Korean driving. We took our chances and happened upon, on trail, the double pagoda from a few weeks ago.

That took us back to a fun trail of Estrella beer stops, a helpful ROK soldier and a blue submarine. After Hymen snapped a photo we trudged into Sadang, downed some Gatorade and further trudged depressingly in the rain back to the onsite where there waited Squidgy, Legman, Snake, Joo Dog and a seemingly unconscious Blank Space under the roof of a pagoda seeking shelter from the pelting rain. But where was our beloved and undeniably irreplaceable Grand Master of the Hash, the master of ceremonies and charming Segway between people taking turns downing splash? In other words where was Choopa? Well, it just so happened he had a blind date somewhere that evening. I guess we eligible bachelors at the Hash don’t hit his G-spot. A real crying shame there. He doesn’t know what he’s missing from the men in orange.
Splash Highlights

Legman lamented that on returning to the US for a visit he couldn’t stand hearing American news stories. Staying with his grandparents only made that worse.

Hymen told some Irish jokes. One of which was “How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman?” “None.”

There was a running theme of Irish jokes and Hash Scribe Longfellow asked this one: “How many animals can you fit in a condom?” “A cock and a few hares.” Relevant because of the mention of hares. To the Hash; nothing Irish.

As it happened Joo Dog took up the mantel of being Grand Pretender and he made the conscious and absolutely agreeable decision to cancel the circle early and instead sit down and enjoy the rest of the beer whilst watching the rain. Calm meditation quickly gave way to bitching about our adopted country and listening to Hymen talk about things. Ah, the Hash!


Next Week’s Run:

Be there with bells on at next week’s run out of Jungang Station Exit 1 Line 4 (south of Seoul in Ansan) hared none other than by Longfellow (yours truly) and co-hare Drop Out. On On, gents!

Remember the more the merrier so please come along to the next Hash!

— Longfellow, Scribe