Seoul Hash House HarriersRun 2399.11 “The 45th Analversary / GM Changeover”

SH3 45th FB Announcement (1)

Gentleman Harriers of the Seoul Hash House Harriers,

You are cordially invited to the Seoul Hash House Harriers 45th Analversary and GM changeover. Come join us for trail, beer, chow, swag, and the best damn circle in the Eastern Hemisphere!

What: SH3 Run 2399.11 “The 45th Analversary / GM Changeover”

When: 17 June 2017, 1600 / 4PM

Where: The Heungbu Nongjang restaurant

Hares: UltrMan and JooDog

Hash Cash: $30 / ₩30,000 (Includes meal, beer, patch, and polo shirt)

ERECTIONS: You are in luck! There are many ways to get to the On-On Site; read below!
43rd annalversary

1. Subway and Bus Option-
From Itaewon Station, get on the Line 6 (Brown Line) and go 3 stops to Yaksu; transfer to Line 3 (Orange Line) and go 11 stops to Bulwang Station; Come up for air at Exit 7, as you come out of the exit, take a hard right and walk back towards the main road or HWY 1; continue north along HWY 1 and walk to the Bulgwang Bus Terminal (approximately a 3-5 minute walk) and board Bus #360 heading north towards Uijeonbu. Get off the bus at the Yang-ju Byeon-Jeon- So Bus Stop(approximately a 15-20 minute bus ride). Carefully cross the road and walk about 100 meters to the On-On Site. This travel option from Itaewon to the On-On Site takes approximately 1:25 to 1:30.

2. Subway and Vehicle Option-
From Itaewon, get on Line 6 (Brown Line) and go 3 Stops to Yaksu; transfer to Line 3 (Orange Line) and go 13 stops to Gupabal Station; Come up for air at Exit 1 and wait for a friendly Seoul hasher to arrive and whisk you off to On-On Site. There will make 2 pickups; the first at 3:15 (1515) and the second at 3:45 (1545). It’s on you to get your lame-ass up to Gupabal Station and be standing tall at exit 1 at either one of those times; if you are late, flag down a taxi and see the next travel option . This travel option from Itaweon to Gupabal Station takes approximately 1:15 to 1:20.

3. Subway and Taxi Option-

Same as Subway/Bongo Option. Come up for air at Exit 1 and catch a cab up to the On-On Site; tell the taxi Driver “Yang-Ju Byeon-Jeon-So, Heungbu Nongjang”; Heungbu Nongjang is the name of the restaurant; it should be about 10 minute taxi ride from Gupabal Station. This travel option takes about the same as option #3.

4. Car Option-

Take Hwy 1 (look at your own map and find Hwy 1) all the way up and past Gupabal Station; turn left on Hwy 371 and drive approximately 6 KM to the On-On Site; you will pass under Hwy 100, as you approach your next land-mark which will be the bridge crossing the river (do not cross the bridge), there are two down ramps on each side of the road, take the right down ramp and turn left when get to the bottom; On-On Site is straight ahead on your immediate left. This travel option is dependent on traffic but one should plan about the same as all the other travel options.

5. Rich Man’s Taxi Option-

Catch a cab any where along the route and tell the taxi Driver the same thing as in Option #3.

GPS: 37.686206, 126.923615


The Seoul Hash Tribune No. 4

Choopa Cabroan’s Namtaeryeong Landing
On June 10th from the impressive Double Pagoda

Dodic (EM)
Choopa Cabroan (Grand Pretender and Hare)
American History Xcellence (Replacement Hooch)
Dunkin’ No Nuts (Voluntary Scribe)
Hymen (Horn)
Just Call Me Snake
Little Sperm-maid
Joe No Name
Tyler No Name (newcomer)


It was a glorious and warm summer’s day. So, with the wife tied up at work and the Hash at 4, I took the golden opportunity of scouting for my turn as hare for Seoul Team Delta Hash House Harriers. We’re a tiny but hopefully growing bunch of Hashers who replace arrows with triangles, enjoy dodgy games of Danger Can when we should be finding trail and, Heaven forbid, run with members of the fairer sex. Nothing so uncivilized ever occurs on the runs of the prestigious men in orange (ahem). And we aim to run every Wednesday night of every week. Come join us! Anyway there I was after my scout, having conquered the leafy, rolling hills and valleys of picturesque Sadang, when I decided, with beer can in hand (I swear I’m not an alcoholic), to walk my way to Namtearyong, the onsite, as it was only a subway stop away. What should I find along my stroll but suspicious green arrows pointing in the opposite direction. Having, like we all do, half a mind and with my curiosity clicked I followed said direction and wound up on a good portion of that Saturday’s Seoul Men’s Hash trail. And what a trail! It was laid upon the conquered, leafy, rolling hills and valleys of picturesque Sadang…hang on! Fortunately this trail was some distance from my own and instead of seeing if that would be the case for the remainder of the run I chose to retrace my steps and give Choopa Cabroan, today’s hare, his dues by running with the pack.

On arriving at the onsite, I discovered the usual suspects in the shapes of American History Xcellence and Dodic. With them was my fellow token Hash Brit, Joe No Name recently flown in from sweaty Vietnam and, he assured me, bearing gifts for our Grand Pretender. Another member of Seoul Hash’s European contingency, our Great Dane, Little Sperm-maid arrived followed by the indispensable Just Call Me Snake and a cocky, young Yongsan Kimchi Hasher, Tyler No Name. He appeared to have had a few from that morning’s run. The last man in orange to grace us with his presence was Queensland regular Cherry Hymen whose husbandly duties had dried up for the weekend.
And in a repeat of last week’s run the Hare, laying trail apparently very slowly, was not with us so, after some careful deliberation, we could only dread what laid ahead for us. The Hare had promised us a beer check by a blue basin, however. That in itself was a great comfort.

The Run

And we were off! The pluckiest of Harriers illegally bombed their way across a dual carriageway to land on the right side of the trail. Halfway over, Tyler No Name queried whether Joe No Name or myself were New Zealanders based entirely on the foundation that Hymen was Australian. We admitted we’d never been mistaken for antipodeans before; we were both rather shocked.
A flat, concrete trail snaking alongside an ROK military barracks lay beneath us as Hymen and I discussed serious civil and political issues. And what could be marked in waiting but the all-too-familiar trail that yours truly had stumbled upon only an hour or so earlier. This was going to be a no-brainer (or half-brainer).
We all squeezed through a very narrow passage and up and over a dry riverbed taking us onto a well-beaten trail for senior hikers. Now, although this very trail was critiqued as being, well, shitty by some, it has to be noted that we stuck together like a Hash should, like a pack of Hashers chasing the chalky, floury scent of a hare as a single unit. There’s no denying that camaraderie and fellowship were the true essence of that fun trail.
As we slogged, sweated and swore “fuck me” as the hillside got steeper and our spirits weaker we were soon met with the incongruous sight of a giant blue basin in front of a military fence near the top of the hill. Well, I say blue basin but it looked more like a submarine that had been shipped to the wrong military barracks. Too bad it wasn’t yellow. Most importantly, though, it was around here that the promised beer check was supposed to be. We did our best running in one particular direction the Hare had told us to go in. We only happened to know this was the “right” way because Choopa had called Hymen on his phone to tell us to turn left at the “blue basin” to find the beer check. I don’t know about any of you but that’s a first on any Hash I’ve run!
Wandering hopelessly in the glare of the sun a Korean militant in mufti informed us that if we kept going the way we were we’d only hit a dead end and possibly some bigger trouble. He was only relaying the information, you see.
And so we retreated and, because this eagle-eyed Hasher spied a string of flour-marked tree trunks, the pack hurtled down some rough-as-shit shiggy and eventually unearthed the glory of the Holy Grail…or we found a garbage bag filled with ice and crap beer and cracked them all open. It only took something like half an hour to find something only left of the “blue basin.” Drinking heartily as the sun dipped toward evening we boasted of all the shiggy scars we’d received. Dodic announced that the FRB accounts for the Hasher who lost the largest amount of blood on trail. Well, I had dry cuts but nothing more to be proud of.
After scaling down a slippery “false trail” of our own we finally gave up, met up with the trail we’d run along and made our way home. We all returned to congratulate Choopa on a terrible run and enjoying a sense of togetherness and camaraderie I, for one, had never felt so warmly on a Hash before.

Splash Tales

Joe No Name, returning from Vietnam, gave our GP a lovely bottle of Vietnamese wine.

Hymen talked about his in-laws newly renovated squat toilet. The moral is to never get drunk with your brother-in-law and have a massive hangover shit in a squat toilet with you wife and in-laws listening in the next room.

JCMS handed out some complimentary matchboxes he’d got from the Itaewon pool league at Fat Albert’s. He talked about how he’d got home drunk last Saturday and ended up pissing on his own rug. Big Lebowski, anyone?

American History Xcellence, whose awesome dog Leroy was at the onsite, told of how Leroy likes to look at him when he’s on the couch. One time Leroy coughs and his bogie goes straight in Xcellence’s mouth.

Tyler No Name talked about his history with chlamydia. He asked if any of us had it and to step outside of the circle if we did. And some of us did! His chat about STDs got him the name Puke-A-Come-Loud-Eh? I think it was that.

I hope you enjoyed this edition, gentlemen. I hope to see most if not all of you at the 45th Anniversary run this Saturday. Remember the more the merrier!

On On!

Dunkin’ No Nuts