Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2399.10 “Namtaeryong Landing” [10 June 2017, 1600 / 4PM]

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Namtaeryong Landing

Brothers, this week Choopa takes us on a Namtaeryong Landing, honoring the soldiers who stormed Normandy and changed the course of history, this week 1944. The violence may turn your stomach, but the victory will be total! Head to the pack’s favorite double pagoda just on the southern edge of Seoul city, for trail, beer, chow, and camaraderie.


What: Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2399.10 “Namtaeryong Landing

When: 10 June 2017, 1600 / 4PM

Where: Double Pagoda

Hare: Choopa Cabroan

Hash Cash: $10 / ₩10,000

Apres Trail: ARA HOF




Get on the subway at Samgakji station (429), ride South towards Sadang station and get off at next stop which is Namtaeryeong station (434). Leave through Exit #2 and start walking uphill on the left side of the street. After cresting the hill, look for a dirt driveway with the Double-Pagoda on the left.

ONON GPS Location: 37.456571,126.990082
From US Army Garrison Yongsan, drive South over the Dongjak bridge. Near the end of the bridge, change lanes to either the center or right lane. The road will curve left as you exit the bridge, and at this point you’ll need to change to the far right lane in order to turn right towards Sadang station. Continue straight and drive past Sadang station (~3Km); then continue towards Namtaeryeong station. Drive up and over the hill past the walkers and the Double Pagoda. As you come down the far side of the hill, move to the far right to take the exit (do not drive through the tunnel). At the top of the exit ramp, make a U turn and drive back towards the Double Pagoda. This time it will be on your right, and you can turn up the dirt road to park.


Seoul Hash Tribune 3: HHIT’s True Grit Trail

Write-up by Dunkin’ No Nuts

When: June 3rd 2017
Where: Yongmasan
Hare: He’s Huge, I’m Tiny

Dodic (EM)
Joo Dog (Hooch/ Even Grander Pretender)
HHIT (Hare/ Joint Master)
American History Xcellence
Legman (usual FRB)
Korea Voltron
Just Call Me Snake
Dunkin’ No Nuts (Scribe)
Roo Rooter (Visitor/ Newcomer)


In wintry Hash days of yore (January 2017) intrepid hares Dunkin’ No Nuts and Joo Dog hared a glorious, icy trail around the urban districts surrounding Yonmasan Mountain. After three brave Hash-keteers (Just Call Me Snake, Hymen and Ultraman) challenged the wind and cold of that traipsey trail the hares swore to mark a trail up to the dizzying peak of the mountain when the ice had thawed, the flowers had bloomed and the splash in the bedpan stopped freezing. And then bloody HHIT goes and hares up there only half a year later. The fiend, as Joo Dog put it.
Well, anyway, the men in orange gathered at Waterfall Park with a stunning Seoul view in front of us and a sheer mountain cliff face behind us. An average body of men (with average bodies) had arrived save for one man: the hare himself. This meant there was no one to prep us on the trail so who should stand in to prep for HHIT but the spitting image of HHIT: none other than Legman. After a contrived hearing about the trail up mountain we shuffled off with our noses keen for the scent of chalk, flour and possibly HHIT in case we found him and it turned into a live haring.

The Trail

And so the trail started and took us by complete surprise by taking us up, not down, Mt. Yongmasan. Within meters we were met with an enormous mountainside that demanded we get on all fours to get up it. There we were sweating in the hot sun, our feet scrambling for footholds and our hands reaching out for support from limp tree branches as we maneuvered our aching muscles up in the hopeful pursuit of some flat, even surfaces that the mountain may or may not have had on offer. Fortunately it did and we wound our way down the mountain path, via steps and stones, in the easterly direction toward the all too familiar Mt. Achasan.
With the pack clinging together in a long, sweaty line Legman casually mentioned that he’d bitch-slap Dunkin’ No Nuts (this guy) if we happened to chance upon any sneaky check-backs HHIT may have laid in wait. The Hash Scribe is known for one or four check-backs on his trails but, to Legman’s relief, it was not going to be a No Nuts tribute trail. Hard to believe there haven’t been any of those.
As the pack broke up further and further apart the chain of orange disappeared in front and this lonely Hasher followed the well-marked arrows and blobs of flour to a tree trunk crudely defaced with a big blue arrow. Knowing full well that a nice, safe, flat trail lay ahead, and off HHIT’s trail, that could have been used to get back to the onsite no problem the Scribe decided it would owe a dishonor to a hare like HHIT to flip his trail the bird and get back to an ice-cold bottle of high-quality IPA. He wasn’t Joo Dog, after all. And so he followed the arrow and got back on his hands and knees to brave a steep, grassy, gritty, elbow-grazing hill. By the time it came to thinking “I’ll fuck this trail right off” he was near the top, as was a shirtless Obi, and so there was little choice but to soldier on and resume running on the pedestrian pathway.
Whereas No Nuts (erroneously) sensed that the trail could only lead down Achasan’s main mountain pathway Obi had a better idea and followed the arrows that had been clearly laid out. As we slashed our way through some more shiggy we came upon a lonely, neglected grave. Obi noted that, sadly, it had been forgotten by its family for generations.
We ploughed on down the mountainside and, after having nearly fallen to my death about a dozen times, I couldn’t be happier to be back in the civilized world of concrete, sewage smells and the questionable driving ability of some ajjushis. I kept claiming to Obi that there was no way we were going up a mountain again…and then we started going up a mountain again. Mt Yongmasan to be precise. We were on our way home. Leaving Obi in the dust I hurried up the rock-ridden trail with Just Call Me Snake some meters ahead. As daylight dimmed with the dusk approaching the trail finally wrapped up where it started. And who should be standing there with a glistening grin and a better pair of sunglasses than I had but HHIT: the missing hare. I thanked him on a wonderful trail before being questioned by Legman how my legs could be so clean despite all the shiggy.

Splash Tales

Choopa Cabroan was at church and Ultraman was in Hawaii. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking there’s nowhere more important on Saturday than wherever the Seoul Hash is. So without our Grand Pretender and Grander Pretender we were left with our Even Grander Pretender: Joo Dog. He grabbed the bedpan and American History Excellence filled in as Hooch for the day.

Legman, a returner to the Seoul Hash, entertained the pack with his recent travels in Shanghai. He’d been at a massage parlor with his wife where he’d had to wear a massage towel that looked somewhat like a Shakespearian actor’s codpiece. He presented one to the EGP to keep.

Dunkin’ No Nuts stunned the pack with a song about shitting with a hangover to the tune of “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from Mary Poppins. It went down pretty badly.

Korean Volton says there’s a great gray light district in Yongmasan. This did not happen to him but he disclosed that there’s this one joint where you ask for a blowjob; only it’ll be done by two men unless you clarify you want a woman to do it first. The moral is to know what you’re getting into.

Joo Dog said that you’re not on a trip with the Seoul Hash until Obi kisses you whilst drunk. Better watch out.

American History Xcellence reminisced about his first time Hashing with Seoul Men’s. He completed a ball-busting trail scaling five whole peaks.


And so the sun set on another Hash and the pack dispersed; some home and some to Itaewon for drunken debauchery with Little Sperm-maid.

On On, gents, and I hope to see you all next week. Remember, the more the merrier.

May the Hash get a piece