Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2399.6 UltraMan’s 2nd “Children of the Corn” [13 May 2017, 1500 / 3PM]


This week, UltraMan cordially invites you to your doom as he brings us to Oksu Station for a trail to mystify and terrify. Chow, beer, and cameraderie await you should you survive this harrowing ordeal.


What: Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2399.6 UltraMan’s 2nd “Children of the Corn”

When: 13 May 2017, 1500 / 3PM

Where: Oksu Station, Line 3 Exit 7

Hares: UltraMan

Hash Cash: $10USD / ₩10,000

Apres Trail: Perhaps a bit of craft beer… before heading to ARA HOF


D’erections are as follows,
 By Subway:Either on or off the rails
Get on at Itaewon Station (630) and head towards Yaksu (633/333).
Transfer to the Number 3 (ORANGE) Line and head South in the direction of Suseo.
In just TWO stops, get off at OKSU Station (335) and come on out Exit number 7
If you DRIVE there:
Head on up into Itaewon.
At the Hamilton Hotel, take a LEFT (or RIGHT depending on which way you are facing) to head AWAY from the hotel passing Geckos on your RIGHT.
Follow this road on past the ChungHwa Apartments on your right and on over the hill heading down into crowdedville…
Continue straight until you cannot go straight anymore. At that T intersection take a LEFT.
Zero your Odometer.
At 1.6 KM, you will pass under OKSU Station. Get in the LEFT lanes and make a U-Turn and head back to the station.
As you approach the station, look for parking on the Right or there is a small lot just past the Station on your LEFT.