Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2399.4 “Re-forest Dump” [29 April 2017, 1500 / 3PM]

reforst dump

Brothers, grab your trash bags and trash sticks as HHIT and JooDog take us out to World Cup Stadium and the gorgeous re-forested dumps on that side of town. Trail will of course be followed by chow, beer, and fellowship. On-On!


What:  Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2399.4

When: 29 April 2017, 1500 / 3PM

Where: World Cup Stadium, Line 6, Exit 3

Hares: HHIT and JooDog

Hash Cash:

Apres Trail: ARA HOF

Subway: Assuming you get on the subway at Samgakji station (628/428), ride towards World Cup Stadium and get off at World Cup Stadium (619). Leave through Exit #3 and go up the escalator. Follow chalk straight for 150m to ON ON site.

Driving: From Samgakji intersection head south towards the Han River , but do not cross the river. Instead, just before the Han River Bridge , turn right, and head west on the Riverside Expressway and in about 8 or 9 klicks notice that you are passing by the Seongsan Bridge . Stay awake, because you need to turn right off the expressway about 1.5 km past the Seongsan Bridge where you will see a sign in English and Korean that says ‘World Cup Stadium’. Take the right indicated by the sign, and follow that exit to the Stadium area. Park in one of the parking lotsnear the stadium, and walk over to the area by the stadium where the subway exits are located and at exit #3, pick up the hare’s trail to the on-on site from there. There is a parking lot immediately adjacent to the ON ON site.

GPS 37°34’21.7″N 126°53’57.7″E