Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2399.2 – “SH3 Carlsberg Triumph” [15 April 2017, 1500 / 3PM]

Carlsberg Triumph

Brothers, this week Hymen offers a celebratory trail at Hyochang Park in honor of the jubilant return of our Hong Kong 7’s contingent. The pack anticipates plenty of Carlsberg, tales of debauchery, a trail fitting of a Roman Triumph, and camaraderie.


What:  Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2399.2 – “SH3 Carlsberg Triumph”

When: 15 April 2017, 1500 / 3PM

Where: Hyochang Park, Exit 1, Line 6

Hare: Hymen

Hash Cash: $10  / ₩10,000

Apres Trail: ARA HOF



Mis-Directions are as follows:
By Parade Procession:
Get on the subway (preferably the brown line, line 6) and go to Hyochang Park station. Come up for air at Exit #1. Once you exit, follow trail to the north. We will meet near the statue of Lee Bong-chang as he attempted to kill an oppressor or commit a terrorist act, depending on your point of view…
By Triumphal Chariot:
Ride your chariot West past the Yankee army base, passing the war memorial (it should be on your right, if not turn around and go the other way). Keep on the same road through the intersection near Samgakji station (the road will turn slightly to the right). Cross over the train tracks and keep going. At the 2nd major intersection after crossing the train tracks (roughly 1 km), turn your horses to the right and go north towards Hyochang park. Tie your horses at either of the parking lots in front of the soccer stadium.