Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2394 – EM Aston Memorial Run [25 February 2017, 1500 / 3PM]


This week we remember a Seoul Brother who (mis)led the the pack on many a trail. Ad perpetuam memoriam, EM Aston

What: Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2394 – EM Aston Memorial Trail

When: 25 February 2017, 1500 / 3PM

Where: Sungkyunkwan University Station Exit 2, Line 1

Hare: GM Nut’N’Bone and HHIT

Hash Cash: $10 / ₩10,000

Apres Trail’s: In and Around The University



Hop Line 1 South (NOT Incheon train, all others are fine), and hop out at Sunkyunkwan University, exit 2. Follow Chalk for about 1km to the overpass.



Make your way south, crossing the Banpo Bridge. Continue south and go under the Umyeonsan Tunnel (under the Seoul Arts Plaza). Continue another 3.5k on this thoroughfare. Merge at the interchange near Seoul Grand Park. Continue in a southernly fashion. In 4 kilometers, enter the Gwacheon Tunnel. After 5 kilometers enter the Uiwang Tunnel. After the toll gate, continue south for 5k. At the Wollam IC, merge right and exit the thoroughfare. Make a right at the Uiwang Wollam IC. In 400m, you will reach a large intersection – make a left, though it’s illegal. Otherwise swing right and make a U-turn, crossing that intersection head on. Cross the Line 1 tracks and favor left. Drive 500m and drive under the overpass. As soon as you exit from under the overpass, turn left on the little road. Head toward the tracks. The onsite is there.

Here are the coordinates for the turn to the onsite:

37.299175, 126.957590