Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2323 – The Seoul Hash’s Best Friend [24 October 2015, 3PM / 1500]


After the blood, sweat, and tears required to assist, aid, and organize a successful Nth Run, the HonSec has decided to take it easy this week, deferring his haring duties to The Seoul Hash’s very own pup, Brewser: We can be sure he will sniff out the bitches for his Seoul Brothers and prove himself Man’s Best Friend. Come on out and see just what a tenacious quadruped can do.


What: Run 2323, The Seoul Hash’s Best Friend

Where: Hwarangdae Station (646) Exit 4 – Line 6

When: 1500 (3:00PM)

Hare: Brewser and Choopa Cabroan

Apres Trail’s: Let’s Invade a HOF




From Itaewon, hop on Line 6 and head east towards the end of the line.

Iron Stallion

For those of you who swear by automotive congestion, plug these bad boys in:


These will get your to a parking lot next to the park. For our stingier adherents, there are alleys across the street, as well as curbside along the park that may work as well.

Confused? Sounds like a problem, but not my problem.