Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2321 – Forrest Achieves a Hasty Departure[03 October 2015, 3PM / 1500]

Run Forrest
Run Forrest Run……Recent reevaluations are forcing our very own Forrest Dump to flee the ROK and a potential paternity suit – as overheard by a few Seoul Hash Brothers at his favorite juicy hangout.  Miss Kim fresh out of the 121 Mash maternity ward and back, hard at work, was sharing photos of the newly arrived young lad;
Miss Kim: “His name is Forrest”.
Forrest Dump: “Like me”.
Miss Kim: “I named him after his daddy”.
Forrest Dump: “He got a daddy named Forrest, too”?
Miss Kim:  “You’re his daddy, Forrest”.
Come out and bid farewell and hearty piss-off to Forrest Dump (maybe) as he flees the Land of the Morning Cum to the shores of ‘Merica.

What:  Seoul Hash #2321
Where: Yangjae Citizens Forest, Exit 1 (Follow marks down to the river under the bridge)
When:  1500 (3pm for Air Farce, Englishee Teachers, and Nasty Civilians)
Hares:  Forrest Dump, UltraMan, and Soon To Be Named (STBN) Steven (aka One Punch Chump)
Hash Cash: W10,000 or $10 Yankee Dollars
Apres Trail:  Who knows… we have no hash bar!

Directions for the tube:
Get on the subway at Samgakji station (429), ride South towards Sadang station. Transfer to the green line and head towards Bangbae station. After just 4 short stops transfer at the classy station of Gangnam. Head south yet again until you come upon Yangjae Citzens Forest and exit out of exit 1. Follow chalk to the ONON site.
ONON GPS Location: 37.473141,127.035775
Head up the main drag of Evilwon and take a right at the Hamilton (Bagwang-ro) head down and curve with the road to the left. Head towards the Gangnam-daero bridge head south over than Han. Stay on that road for quite awhile. Pass through Gangnam, wave at all the rich assholes, and continue straight. Eventually you will come upon Yangjae citizens forest subway stop. Find a parking spot and head towards the subway station exit 1.
Take the 421 bus that is right outside of the yankee army base main gate 20 stops. It will lead you to the subway stop of Yangjae Citizens Forst. Get off the bus and look for exit 1 of the subway it is roughly 40 minutes on the bus.
Bus 740 from youngsan>
From noksapyung station, exit 4, walk straight 50m towards the main gate, take bus 740 to Seoul national University of education stop (gyodae).  Bus crosses the Han, Bampo bridge, get off next stop after bus makes left turn at Socho station, 15~20 minutes (bus stop is right in front of gyodae metro station), then take line 3 two quick stops to Yangjae, change to Boondang line, go one stop to citizens forest (D09).  Or, bus 740 carries on to Gangnam Style station where you can also board the boondang line. This is a handy bus from youngsan, also stops down by the commissary gate.
Do not call the hares; man up and figure it out!