SEOUL Hash House Harriers Run 2318 – Achasan Baby! [12 September 2015, 1600 / 4pm]

What: Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2318 “Achasan Baby!”
When: 12 September – 1600 or 4PM
Where: Achasan Station Exit 2 1/2k walk, so plan accordingly
GPS: 37.54898, 127.09368
Hash Cash: W10,000
Apres Trail: Anywhere with beer


By Light Speed Tunnel System:

From Itaewon Station (est. 34 minutes – 12 stops) -From Itaewon Station (Line 6) head towards Bonghwansan station. (4 stations) -Transfer at Cheonggu Station to Line 5 Sangil Bound (8 stations) -Get off at Achansan Station exit 2, follow chalk to the On On site.

For pod racers:

Gentlemen start your engines: Take HWY 31 South over the Bampo Bridge (TOP SIDE). Turn Left to get on HWY 88 East. Zero your ODO as you get on HWY 88. At 8 KM(4.9mi) you will pass the Olympic Stadium on your right. Get to the right Lanes. At 9.5KM (5.9mi) take the “Han River Park” (BROWN SIGN) exit and follow it parallel to the highway until at 10.5 KM(6.5mi) there will be a left U-Turn under the freeway. As you come out of the U-Turn, stay straight and you will come to a fork at 10.9(6.8mi) KM. Take the Right Fork taking you up and onto the Jamsil Bridge.

(ZERO YOUR ODOMETER AS YOU GET ON THE BRIDGE) Stay straight on this road for 3.7 Km(2.3mi). (NOTE: The road will curve to the right several times…follow the signs for Achasan Station. At 3.7 KM (2.3mi), the road will come to a T intersection in true Korean Fashion, take a Left. Careful Now, 200M (656 ft) after your left, you will see the entrance to the Childrens Park and Achasan Station on your left. The parking is IMMEDIATELY after the entrance on your LEFT.

(OK, So you overshot or Koreans prohibited you from turning left into the Parking) – Continue past the parking and follow the road that veers RIGHT, find a place to turn around and come back to Achasan Station and pull into the parking which will now be on your RIGHT. The ONON will be marked from the parking lot…look for marks.