Seoul Hash House Harriers Run 2299.11 “It’s a Saetgang Mystery” [18 July 2015, 1600/4PM]



I have delayed these directions for a very important reason. I can not remember for the life of me why but damnit there was a reason. Come out and fest in the glory that is a Seoul Hash Emeritus Masters Trail. Our very own Hooch will be learning how to lay trail from the 4th best EM we have at the Seoul Hash. It will be hard, long, and challenging (Possibly mentally!). I do believe Joo Dog has said that to his wife a time or two.

Where – Saetgang station (line 9) exit 4
Who: EM Blankspace and JooDog
Why: If your asking yourself this then
you do not belong at Seoul Hash
Hash Cash: 10k
Side note: located in Yoido about a 6k won cab fare from Samgakji area. Use exit #4 and look for chalk from there

Sider note: These very detailed directions were supplied by an EM and as a lowly Geek Sec, who am I to question them.

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