Seoul Hash House Harriers 43rd Analversary Nth Run [13 JUNE 2015]


Its come time gather in one of the Best On Sites Korea has to offer and run as a pack just as our Brothers did some 43 years ago. If you choose to ride the do not be late or you will be left. If you choose link up option two (Samgakji Station between exits 11 and 12) do not be late or you will be left. And lastly if you venture the subway and try to call the GM at 1545 (345 pm ) I will tell you politely to fuck off.
We will run, We will Drink, We will eat Dead Flesh. Come on to enjoy the only real hash in Korea. Hash Cash is inflated for this week so for fucks sake read the shit below

WHAT: Seoul Hash House Harriers 43rd Nth aversery 43rd header

WHERE: Way up North! Yang-Ju Byeon-Jeon-So (the Heungbu Nongjang restaurant) see attached map.

WHEN: 4:00pm (1600)

HARES: TimberBalls

Hash Cash: 30,000 Won or $30
ERECTIONS: You are in luck! There are many ways to get to the On-On Site; read below!
43rd annalversary
1. Meet the Bongo on (or near) Yongsan Base Option-
Meet the Bongo at the Yongsan Main Post CLS XI at 1:00 (1330); the Bongo will depart at 1:30 (1330) and head to linkup point #2 at Samgakji Station.

For those lacking access to the Yankee Army base, be at Samgakji Station on the southeast corner, between exits 11 and 12 at 1:30 (1330) and await for the Bongo loaded with other Seoul Brothers to arrive.

2. Subway and Bus Option-
From Itaewon Station, get on the Line 6 (Brown Line) and go 3 stops to Yaksu; transfer to Line 3 (Orange Line) and go 11 stops to Bulwang Station; Come up for air at Exit 7, as you come out of the exit, take a hard right and walk back towards the main road or HWY 1; continue north along HWY 1 and walk to the Bulgwang Bus Terminal (approximately a 3-5 minute walk) and board Bus #360 heading north towards Uijeonbu. Get off the bus at the Yang-ju Byeon-Jeon- So Bus Stop(approximately a 15-20 minute bus ride). Carefully cross the road and walk about 100 meters to the On-On Site. This travel option from Itaewon to the On-On Site takes approximately 1:25 to 1:30.

3. Subway and Bongo Option-
From Itaewon, get on Line 6 (Brown Line) and go 3 Stops to Yaksu; transfer to Line 3 (Orange Line) and go 13 stops to Gupabal Station; Come up for air at Exit 1 and wait for Bongo to arrive and whisk you off to On-On Site. The Bongo will make 2 pickups; the first at 3:15 (1515) and the second at 3:45 (1545). It’s on you to get your lame-ass up to Gupabal Station and be standing tall at exit 1 at either one of those times; if you are late, flag down a taxi and see the next travel option . This travel option from Itaweon to Gupabal Station takes approximately 1:15 to 1:20.

4. Subway and Taxi Option-

Same as Subway/Bongo Option. Come up for air at Exit 1 and catch a cab up to the On-On Site; tell the taxi Driver “Yang-Ju Byeon-Jeon-So, Heungbu Nongjang”; Heungbu Nongjang is the name of the restaurant; it should be about 10 minute taxi ride from Gupabal Station. This travel option takes about the same as option #3.

5. Car Option-

Take Hwy 1 (look at your own map and find Hwy 1) all the way up and past Gupabal Station; turn left on Hwy 371 and drive approximately 6 KM to the On-On Site; you will pass under Hwy 100, as you approach your next land-mark which will be the bridge crossing the river (do not cross the bridge), there are two down ramps on each side of the road, take the right down ramp and turn left when get to the bottom; On-On Site is straight ahead on your immediate left. This travel option is dependent on traffic but one should plan about the same as all the other travel options.

6. Rich Man’s Taxi Option-

Catch a cab any where along the route and tell the taxi Driver the same thing as in Option #4.

Do not call the Hares; we will laying the most challenging and difficult trail of your pitiful life! Man up and figure it out!

Where: TBD

Hares: Timberballs

Trail Apres: Well, I guess you’ll have to get your ass there to find out, gentlemen.