SHHH Run 2249.01 (The Real 2250th) [ 17 May 2014, 1600 or 4pm]


Cum one, cum all for the REAL 2250th running of the one true hash in Korea, the Seoul Hash.  Our GM Kiwi Wee Wee promises a trail that will include lots of woods, maybe some hidden hobbits.  Come venture out into the shire and let’s see if we can steal their beer.  On On to the 2250 running of the Seoul Hash!

SHHH Run 2249.01 (The Real 2250th)
WHEN: 17 May 2014, 1600 or 4pm.
WHERE: Nokcheon station. LINE 1: EXIT2
HARES: GM Kiwi and NN Gordon.
HASH CASH: A very reasonable 10 units.Won or USD.
APRES: Follow your nose to the place with beer.


Directions –

Take Line 6 from Itaewon east to Dongmyo Station and transfer to Line 1. Take Line 1 up 10 stops to Nokcheon. Come up for air at exit 2 and follow chalk to the On-Site

Kick that engine into High Gear…

From Yongsan, get onto Highway 70 headed East and cruise… After you pass under the Hannam and nonhyeon Bridge, get RIGHT and take the Exit for HWY 61 north to Uijeonbu (OR, take the surface streets that follow HWY 70 and after you pass over the river, take the next LEFT and immediate RIGHT onto HWY61)

Once on HWY 61, drive at a leisurely pace…

You’ll notice that SOUTHBOUND TRAFFIC is across the river from you…that is important…

As you work your way NORTH, when the SOUTHBOUND LANES cross the river and are now right next to you, get in the right lanes and take the Exit for “Nokchon Station” and This exit is just after the freeway makes a 45 deegree right turn… DONT GO DOWN INTO THE UNDERPASS

So, now you are at a 4 way intersection, TAKE A LEFT As soon as you cross the river, keep RIGHT and take the “offramp” up to the right. Clearly you cannot crash through the rail tracks, so you’ll have to find a spot at the top, or come back down the other side, taks an immediate RIGHT and follow the little road and find parking in/around the APT Complex there…

The ONON is obviously a bit up back towards the station, so go there.

If you are lost in your car… well, you probably won’t be… BUT IF YOU ARE, call Timber at 010-6717-1972 and he will scoff at you.