Seoul Hash #2248 Ultraman Takes the Pack Back In Time [03 MAY 2014,1600/4PM]

Seoul Hash #2248 Ultraman Takes the Pack Back In Time [03 MAY 2014,1600/4PM]

“A lady came up to me one day and said ‘Sir! You are drunk’, to which I replied ‘I am drunk today madam, and tomorrow I shall be sober but you will still be ugly.”

Our very own Utlraman and his charge (flour and chalk mule) will be providing the pack with a journey to the past.
WARNING: Hashers on this trail must have a thirst for beer and a Y chromosome; no bitches or dogs.

What: Seoul Hash House Harriers Run # 2248
Time: 1600 (4:00pm for you civilian and Air Farse types)
Location: Prehistoric Site
(Godeok Station, Exit 1 on the Number 5 Line)
Hare: Ultraman and STBN Colin
Apres Trail: The Seoul H3 Hash Bar or the nearest Family Mart.


In the underground tube with all the Korean people in it…go to Godeok Station, Exit 1 on the Number 5 Line.

To do this, get on the Number 6 Line at Itaewon Station(630) heading towards Bonghwasan. Transfer from the Number 6 Line to the Number 5 Line at Cheonggu Station (634/537) and head towards Sangildong. The next station will be Singeumho Station to be headed in the right direction. (Try to get on a Train that says Sangildong, otherwise you will have to hop off and wait for the next train at Gangdong station(548)…its written on the front of the train)

Take the Number 5 Line train to Godeok Station (552) and cum up for air at Exit #1. Follow Chalk to the ONON. It’s a 10-15 minute hike to the OnOn Site.

(NOTE: If you find yourself at Olympic Park, you Fucked up and go BACK to Gangdong Station and take a Train towards Sangildong…The next Station is Gildong so you can get to Godeok. Get it?
By Chariot of your choosing…

Head across the Han River Valley over the Top Span of the Banpo Bridge. Towards the end of the bridge, get in the Leftmost lane and turn Left at the Light at the end of the bridge and head ONON to HWY88.
Zero your Odometer at the bottom of the on ramp.

Follow HWY 88 for 17.87 Kilometers (KM)
At around 8 KM you will pass the Sports Complex,
At around 13 KM you will pass under the Twin Overpasses,
At 17.87 KM Pull Off on the Layby to the right and head south into the woods at the Trailhead yelling “ONON!” … “RU?” is acceptable…

Don’t call the Hare for assistance he’ll be do busy laying a trail that will knock your ass back into the proto-three kingdoms era; Man up and figure it out.

The hare has mentioned that a change of clothes and shoes may or may not be a good idea…..