SHHH Run #2233 The Woodman Reburns [Saturday, January 18th 1500 / 3pm]


Greetings, all ye Baseborn Brothers of the Brew! As we approach the upcoming Holiday weekend, the

Woodman invites you to join him in paying tribute to one of the Seoul Hash Nation’s most Affective African American

Ambassadors… the Notorious, the Nefarious, the hopefully Never-Again Knife-Wielding WPOS!

Yes Genial Gents, in Gracious Gratitude to the Godfather of the Gleefully Gregarious “EAT MO CHICKEN” run,

Korea’s Finest Hash shall be presented with Trail! With Ale! And with mo’ FRIED CHICKEN than you can shake yo’ tail-
feathers at! Location shall be the Under-used, Under-appreciated, Undulating Under-Belly of the Beast, SindaeBang!

(LINE 2, EXIT 4).

What: SHHH Run #2233 The Woodman Returns

When:  Saturday, January 18th 1500 / 3pm

Where:  Sindaebang Station (231) Line 2, exit 4

Hares:  The Wood

Trail Apres:  The Hash Bar



Anticipate MO’ FRILLS, MO’ THRILLS & MO’ CHILLS as we Return to the one of the traditional sites of the

Return to Ultraman’s Return to Traditions! In return, expect a Triple Trifecta of Tributes & a Host of HONSEC-Haunting

Honorifics, as we also remember South Korea’s Kontributions to the Nugatory Network of ‘Nam (Where they eventually

withdrew, in Good ol’ ’72).

Oh yeah, there may be some pretty cool free-shit (BIG stress on the MAYBE) for any Bastardly Berative Brothers

in attendance who can Inappropriately Ingratiate the pack with a Dollup of Doltish & ‘Darker’ humor, or a Slithering Slew

of Satirically Slanderous Slants!



Hashas’ For those of you ridin’ the rails:

Get to Sindaebang Station (Number 231) on the 2 Line and come up for air out of Exit #4. Follow Chalk.

“So how do I do that?”, You ask…

From the Samgakji Station (Blue #4 Line) Station 428, get on the Oido Train headed towards the Sinyongsan Direction.

Stay on this train until you reach Sadang Station (STN 433 / 226) and transfer to the Green #2 Line heading towards Naksongdae Station.

Stay on the train for 5 stops and get off at Sindaebang Station (STN 231) and then look for the Exit Signs that say “4″, usually in a yellow dot or something…go there…

Follow chalk to the ONON

NOTE: DO NOT GO TO “Sindaebang Samgeori” Station on the Number 7 Pee Green Line. Thats the wrong place…. Not that anybody here has ever gone to the wrong station!

But I wanna DRIVEEEEE…

Oh, Well if you’re in Seoul:

From the Samgakji Intersection, Head South and keep going…

No really…

Ok, As you cross the Han Gang Bridge, Continue Straight. The roadway splits so stay to your LEFT and head up and into the tunnel.

As you EXIT the Tunnel, Zero Your Odometer.

The road will curve RIGHT and you will pass through an intersection at Sang Do Station at 400M.

At 700M you will go through another tunnel.

And again, at 1.5KM you will go through another tunnel.

At 2.9 KM you will want to turn RIGHT onto a large road.
(Yes, YES, I know, there’s another Large Intersection just 200 Meters past this one, take the first one… if you fucked up, well, we’ll get to that)

If you turned RIGHT on the FIRST Large intersection…

The road will curve gently to the RIGHT and you will pass STRAIGHT through a large acute angled intersection at about 4.6KM.

Ok, this is where you gotta pay attention:

At 5KM, you will want to be in the LEFT TWO LANES and ready to take a fucked up 45 degree LEFT turn onto a surface street.

(NOTE: at this intersection you should see three LARGE buildings directly to your RIGHT)

Once you take the 45 degree LEFT Turn, head along the road and take a RIGHT at 6KM under the train tracks/roadway (Sindaebang Station).

Look for parking, the ON ON is just to your RIGHT under the bridge.

(For those who fucked up and didnt read the directions before barreling down the road)

Ok, so say you fucking didnt read the earlier directions and went through the FIRST Large intersection back there at 2.9 KM and just HAD to get onto 92…

Take a RIGHT at the SECOND Large intersection.

You will turn RIGHT at the intersection at 4.4 KM and then turn LEFT onto the correct road at 5 KM.

Once you are on the correct road, get in the LEFT TWO LANES and prepare for the 45 degree LEFT turn in front on the buildings that I referenced in the correct part of the directions.

And get your Odometer fixed or replace your co-pilot.


For those who are coming NORTH from …say…I don’t know…Pyongtaek.

Get onto 15 North.

Pass HWY 40

Pass HWY 50

!!! DO NOT PASS HWY 110 !!!

Ok, take the HWY 110 IC headed RIGHT *this is west* and start looking for Blue Oval 1 Signs.

To do this, take the FIRST RIGHT exit onto 110, take the NEXT RIGHT Fork to head WEST and then take THE SECOND RIGHT exit to loop around and head NORTH on Route 1.

Ok, so now you’re headed NORTH on Route 1.

Zero the Odometer

At 6 KM you will drive straight through the Route Cloverleaf for Route 92.

At 7 KM you will head UNDER a large road and train overpass.

Turn RIGHT at 7.5KM between the two Large Apartment Buildings.

As you pass the GS25 on your LEFT, the road will curve to the LEFT. BEFORE you go back under the big overpass thing, turn LEFT and look for parking.

The ONON Site is under the overpass there at Sndaebang Station.

If you get lost or need help, call Timber at 010-4206-1972…that is if he remembers to ring his phone this time…