Seoul Hash House Harriers 2200nth Running.

Seoul Brothers.

2200 nth - Patch

In rapt anticipation, you have been waiting an entire year (perhaps four if you prefer your run numbers to be comprised solely of even digits)! The time has come for a weekend of camaraderie, adventure, exertion, libations, satiation, cleansing, more libations and camaraderie, further alimentation, and finally, valedictions. Sleep is not recommended. Regrets are inadmissible.

The schedule is as follows: The Plan:

Fri 11 OCT: SHHH Social. 7 pm: Beer O’Clock: Shinchon Location: Shinchon Station(240) (LINE 2)Exit 3 (Further details TBA) but at any rate a night of welcoming back our Brother Hashers and Pre-Lubing for the big event the following day.

Sat 12 OCT: SHHH 2200th RUN!!!! Timeline: 1100 –SHHH Hashers assembly at the pagoda near the Grand Hyatt 1200 – Charter Bus departs the for the OnOn site: Bus will roll at 12. DO NOT BE LATE. DO NOT TRY TO TAXI FROM SUWON AND EXPECT US TO WAIT. Just be there. 1330ish – Tour of Icheon brewery commences (dependent on brewery tour times). 1500ish – The Horn is sounded and the pack is away. 1700ish –

The Pack Crawls On-In – JM Pump’s spicy hot pot – Circle/Fire presided over by the GM – 1900ish- ONONON to Jimjilbang where the local owner will be expecting us. More merriment and drinking until we are told to leave 2100-ish – ONONONON to Seoul City :

Return to Hill pub (or nearest huge carpark) More excitement ensues. Sun. 13 OCT – SHHH Hash House Brunch and Piss Off. 12 noon. Craftworks Alehouse, Haebangchon. (SUBJECT TO CHANGE :Final details in the works, but an opportunity to piss-off our SHHH Brothers attempting to flee the ROK.)

On On Little Putin!