Run 2149 – Seoul Hash House Harrier’s 40th Analversary Run [16 JUNE 2012]

Seoul Brothers,

Cum one, cum all!  Calling all Seoul Hashers at home, in the ROK, orin transit. The time has arrived for all to join and celebrate SH3’s 40th Analversary Run in epic Seoul Hash House Harrier style.  If you’ve been missing all year, today is the day to make your presence re-known. 

WARNING:  bring a Y-chromosome and a spare liver…



WhoSeoul Hash Harriers

What2149 – Seoul Hash House Harrier’s 40th Analversary Run

Where“Ground Zero”- Where it all began.

When 161600IJun12 (Translation: 4pm [Korea], Saturday, June 16, 2012)

HareBar Code

Après TrailTBD

NOTE:  For additional events starting on Friday, June 15th, through Sunday, June 17th…… then check out this webiste:


Travel E’rections via self-reliant mode:

Zero your mode of transpo’s odometer at the Samgakji Station intersection.

Drive eastward toward Itaewon for 0.8 miles (1.29 km) to the Noksapyeong Station intersection.

At the Noksapyeong Station intersection, turn left/north.  Drive north toward the “Namsan 2-3 Tunnel”.

At 1.0 mile (1.61 km), turn right/east on to Hoenamu-ro.  Drive east/uphill on Hoenamu-ro toward the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

At 1.6 miles (2.57 km), turn right/south and drive toward the Hyatt, and IMMEDIATELY MAKE A U-TURN when it’s safe to do so (there is no left turn from Hoenamu-ro on to “Sowol-ro” at this intersection).  Facing north/away from the Hyatt, drive northwest on “Sowol-ro”.

At 1.9 miles (3.06 km), turn right/north-northeast into the “Namsan Botanical   Garden” parking lot, and park (there will be a charge).  Return to the “Sowol-ro” and pick up chalk to the ONON site.

NOTE: if parking is not available at the “Namsan Botanical Garden” parking lot, return to the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and park there (for a nominal fee, of course).


Travel E’rections by way of public dependence:


Option #1:

– Ride the #6 subway, and disembark at Noksapyeong Station (629), take EXIT 1.

– Upon reaching ground level, walk 10 yards (9.14 meters) southwest.  Turn left/southeast and continue walking an additional 85 yards (77.72 meters) east-southeast toward the crosswalk (walk through the “triangle park”).

– At the crosswalk, walk 50 yards east to the eastern side of the intersection.

– Turn left/north and walk  to the bus stop (which is directly under the pedestrian bridge).

– Take the “MA-UL, Yongsan 03” little green bus; disembark at Grand Hyatt Hotel.

– The fee for the bus ride is ₩750.

– Drive time from embarkation to debarkation is approximately 6-minutes (minus stops along the route).

– Walk  to the Hyatt Gazebo; follow chalk to the ONON site.


Option #2: TAXI

– From anywhere within the Greater Seoul Metropolitan Area (GSMA), take a taxi to the Grand Hyatt Hotel (or explain to the taxi driver of the “Self-reliant mode of travel” write up for a closer drop off).

– Once at the hotel, walk to the main entrance, and on to the gazebo.

– From the gazebo, follow chalk to the ONON site.


Option #3:Wandering about aimlessly

– From Noksapyeong Station (exit 2), move to the bus stop (Option #1 mis-directions).

– By-pass the bus stop and continue walking.  Follow the “Self-reliant mode of travel” explanation.

– At the point of making a U-Turn, simply turn left/northwest, cross to the mountain-side/northeast at the first crosswalk nearest the intersection, and pick up trail.



Parking Entrance (Self-Reliance)37°32’33.42” N 126°59’37.01” E

Bus Stop (Option #1):  37°32’06.06” N 126°59’14.13” E

Grand Hyatt Hotel Gazebo:  37°32’26.43” N 126°59’49.56” E

Ground Zero37°32’38.33” N 126°59’29.61” E


If you have any questions pertaining to the mis-directions listed above, Text the hare, Bar Code (010-4507-6499).